are the Enterprise Knowledge Graph specialists.

We help organizations leverage the power of semantic technology and apply artificial intelligence to unlock the true value of data.

Our approach is simple. We understand how to manage conflicts across data repositories. We have solved the challenges of proprietary data models. We know the value of unambiguous shared meaning, across all lines of business. And we are committed to open standards that promote flexibility – freeing you from dependency on proprietary vendor platforms.

We can help at every stage of your Knowledge Graph journey.

Enrich your vision

Discover the transformative capabilities of the Enterprise Knowledge Graph. The architects and analysts at will help you develop your enterprise data strategy and identify use case opportunities that directly align with value for business.

Build your team

Our standard practice is to strengthen your own team while we facilitate your knowledge graph implementation. We will help you leverage core competencies, build upon key capabilities and quantify actions needed to turn your EKG vision into reality.

Deliver your platform

Work with our operational and performance teams to expedite the delivery of your Enterprise Knowledge Graph. We help you fine tune your environment and support iterative deliveries, building the confidence of key stakeholders in the EKG program.

Learn more about our vision for enterprise data.

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