How We Work With You

Our approach is based on a set of principles that result in successful outcomes for our clients.

Define a Shared Vision

Obtain organizational buy-in


Implementing change from the bottom up is difficult to orchestrate in complex and organizationally diverse companies. At we spend time investing in executive education and fostering a shared vision. We conduct workshops with key staff to ensure a common understanding of EKG capability and to demonstrate the pathway towards solving key data challenges.

Emphasize Business Outcomes

Link strategic priorities to foundational data themes


We work with clients to verify business priorities, understand relationships and develop business cases for EKG delivery. We map data dependencies and identify the highest value implementation for our clients. We build upon this shared understanding of core requirements to both deliver immediate value and bridge the gap to more strategic goals.

Promote Best Practice

Use our capability assessment model to define dependencies


The adoption of best practice using industry standards expedites the time to delivery for the enterprise knowledge graph. We have extended our work on core data management maturity to introduce a new capability model specifically for the EKG environment. We conduct assessments covering best practice in data, technology and organizational governance to help our clients map where they are on the maturity curve and understand what they need to do next.

Create Center of Excellence

Drive your team toward EKG self-sufficiency


We are committed to helping you capitalize on your EKG investment. We work in collaboration with your team to establish approaches for building, testing, deploying and maintaining your EKG. We teach the core concepts that underpin semantic technology and provide coaching services to expedite your progression to self-sufficiency.

Apply Structured Methodology

Build a pathway with interoperable components


We use a proven framework to ensure the EKG can manage the complexities of an integrated environment. Platforms and data are both standardized and continuously tested to minimize risk exposure. We measure maturity against rigorous criteria to promote maximum interoperability and facilitate data reusability across business repositories.

Deliver Practical Solutions

Align the EKG with internal architectural standards


We design a modular EKG environment that is able to grow with you as your business needs evolve. Our end-to-end approach is structured to ensure compliance with your internal standards and architectural constraints. Once in production, we ensure supportability by your CoE and existing production management.

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