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Our experts guide and support our clients from initial exploration through to implementation and operation. Our services are based upon the Prepare, Build and Run phases of your EKG deliveries.


Specify business goals, define strategy and architecture, understand new paradigms


embrace enterprise knowledge graph to innovate at scale

The Envision Service clarifies the potential of knowledge graph for your enterprise and helps position it as part of your overall strategy.  We conduct interactive workshops with key business, data and technology stakeholders to map enterprise knowledge graph capabilities to organizational goals.  This is an upfront investment that helps unify thinking about the potential of EKG as a solution to your key business challenges.

Output:  a shared vision for data and a high-level view of architectural deployment options


translate business priorities into strategic delivery options

The Discover Service translates business drivers and priorities into structured use cases. These are placed into logical sequence based on defined data relationships and devoid of any technical considerations. We adopt internally understood business language to align stakeholders on intermediate deliverables with emphasis on those with the greatest reuse potential.

Output:  a detailed use case tree specifying business functionality and critical dependencies


evaluate capabilities and chart the pathway forward

The Assess Service is a structured evaluation of the readiness of the organization to leverage the potential of the enterprise knowledge graph.  We concentrate on an evaluation of existing strategy as well as organizational, data and technical capabilities. Our approach produces a maturity assessment to identify areas for investment, manage expectations and define the scope of work.

Output:  a formal gap analysis and capability scorecard based on our EKG Maturity Model


master foundational concepts of semantic web technology

agnos.ai provides expert training classes covering the core concepts and technologies that underpin the enterprise knowledge graph.  We position semantic technology for business stakeholders and provide guidance to information architects and engineers on the core technical concepts needed for model-driven architecture.

Output:  a working familiarity with the semantic web and the fundamental principles of EKG


Design, develop and deploy, rapidly and iteratively, guided by structured methodology


enhance team proficiency and build the Center of Excellence

Our experts provide coaching to get your team to self-sufficiency.  We use our end-to-end EKG methodology to enhance the semantic technology capabilities of your key personnel.  We help you capitalize on your investment by working side-by-side with your staff to master the key set of skills required to design, build and run a sustainable EKG.

Output: a self-sufficient Center of Excellence for your enterprise knowledge graph


expedite the time-to-value for your Enterprise Knowledge Graph

The Accelerate Service provides you with hands-on implementation expertise to capitalize on new opportunities and achieve faster results.  We support your existing architecture, design and delivery teams to directly steer all aspects of your EKG implementation. We help you find the most direct route to the realization of value from your investment. 

Output: project accountability and management of the EKG from analysis to deployment


Maximize efficiency and effectiveness, maintain reliability as your platform evolves


achieve EKG production management assurance

The Operate Service works in collaboration with your production management group to ensure the highest levels of service and resilience for your mission-critical use cases.  We support your existing processes with enhanced operating expertise particularly when things go wrong. This service is available either on-demand or on a continuous basis as your platform matures.

Output: EKG platform that complies with agreed levels of support and service


take your EKG platform to the next level of operational excellence

The Optimize Service provides expertise to meet the growing production needs of your enterprise knowledge graph. We enhance the performance, agility, security and other non-functional requirements for your platform growth. Our DataOps approach ensures the highest levels of service and quality for your EKG.

Output: an effective and efficient platform for your growing EKG

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