Services for every stage of your journey.’s service line-up is designed to deliver immediate results, while also growing long-term value. We focus on building and supporting your own team, so that Enterprise Knowledge Graph capabilities become truly embedded in your organisation.

Our services are structured around three key phases


Specify business goals, define strategy and architecture, understand new paradigms


Design, develop and deploy, rapidly and iteratively, guided by structured methodology


Maximize efficiency and effectiveness, maintain reliability as your platform evolves



Embrace Knowledge Graph as a key business enabler

The Envision service from clarifies the potential of knowledge graph for your enterprise and helps position it as part of your overall data and technology strategy. We work with you to frame the value of knowledge graph and demonstrate how it can solve your most complex data problems. We facilitate understanding of core concepts, helping you leverage the full potential of precisely-defined and fully-connected data.


We conduct interactive workshops with senior stakeholders to explore the realities of becoming a “data-centric” organization. We concentrate on the key data principles of identity, precision and reuse using our Knowledge Graph Maturity Assessment Model. We apply state-of-the-art architectural thinking to help you craft a revised strategy, where knowledge graph takes its place as a key component in the data and technology landscape.


  1. A shared data and technology vision that bridges perspectives across business, technology and data executives
  2. Ability to demystify fundamental concepts associated with semantic technology and enterprise knowledge graphs
  3. Detailed understanding of the functions and capabilities of the EKG and how it can be leveraged within your business
  4. High-level view of architectural alternatives for knowledge graph deployment


Identify and prioritize strategic use cases

The Discover Service translates organizational and business priorities into strategic use cases. We convert your priorities into data requirements devoid of any technical considerations. The output aligns all stakeholders on intermediate deliverables and emphasizes those with the greatest reuse potential. This helps you refine your business case and plan your implementation as a series of steppingstones toward more strategic goals.


Our team works with your business experts and change managers in a series of interactive workshops to define requirements. We adopt your business language to capture goals, data requirements and process flows. These are aligned as a set of visual roadmaps to be used to create onward business cases. We leverage our knowledge graph maturity model to help frame each deliverable in terms of staged capabilities necessary to grow your EKG platform.


  1. Identification of strategic use cases and priorities
  2. Evaluation criteria from both a business process and data perspective to ensure EKG synchronization with defined requirements
  3. Conversion of strategic priorities into a staged “use case tree” specifying business functionality and data requirements
  4. A shared understanding of the requirements for success including the investments needed to deliver against expected functionality


Evaluate capabilities and chart the pathway forward

The Assess Service is a formal evaluation of the readiness of the organization to leverage the potential of the Enterprise Knowledge Graph. Our evaluation considers four core dimensions of your environment (business, data, technology and organizational capabilities) to provide you with an EKG that matches your business objectives. We concentrate on producing a gap analysis that addresses your requirements in the context of a sustainable and realistic EKG implementation.


The key to our Assess Services is a detailed readiness evaluation to understand interdependencies and limitations. We use our EKG Maturity Model as a framework for creating a baseline assessment and as a basis for continuous evaluation. We conduct interviews with your key personnel and review key documents for both completeness and repeatability. The EKG/MM approach results in a scorecard of capabilities across linked processes.


  1. EKG maturity assessment as input into building business cases and for obtaining commitment from key stakeholders
  2. Explicit gap analysis to clarify deficiencies and define the scope of work required to deliver against EKG requirements
  3. Evaluation of team capabilities, data management maturity, control mechanisms, standards, models and technical architectures
  4. Expectation management and considerations for business case development


Master foundational concepts of model-driven architecture provides expert training classes covering the core concepts and technologies that underpin the enterprise knowledge graph. We demystify semantic technology for business stakeholders and provide guidance to information architects and engineers on the core technical concepts needed for model-driven architecture. Programs can be customized to your specific EKG strategy and are designed to provide all stakeholders with knowledge about the fundamental principles of the EKG.

Training curricula

  1. Knowledge Graph Fundamentals: Gain a working familiarity of the key components of the semantic web stack
  2. Controlled Vocabularies: Learn the basic characteristics of knowledge organization systems and how to best represent datasets for classification
  3. Querying Graphs: Learn the fundamentals on how to construct queries using the standard query language and protocol for linked data and knowledge graphs
  4. Web Ontology Language: Manage design and construction decisions about name spaces, classes, properties, restrictions and logical assertions
  5. Semantic Graph Patterns: Get an overview of mechanisms for managing reusable modules, mapping data and formalizing relations between ontology design patterns
  6. Ontology Tools: Understand the landscape of both open source and vendor offerings for authoring, editing and managing ontologies and implementing inference rules



Enhance team proficiency and build the Center of Excellence

The Coach Service has been designed to expedite your pathway to EKG self-sufficiency. We use our end-to-end EKG methodology to help short-circuit unnecessary and expensive learning iterations. At, we are committed to helping you capitalize on your EKG investment by working side-by-side with your team to establish your internal Knowledge Graph Center of Excellence.


Our experts build from the structured assessment of your platform and tools for EKG delivery.  We suggest process and tooling enhancements to expedite delivery, work with your team to validate existing models, and make recommendations on the most appropriate tools and techniques to enable reuse of content assets. We oversee the data integration process, and work with you to ensure data and code quality, extensibility and speed to delivery. Coaching services are available either on-site or remotely.


  1. On-demand access to help you adopt EKG development and data paradigms
  2. Creation of processes for ontology architecture and governance
  3. Establish best practice for building, testing and maintaining code deployment
  4. Expert consultation around approaches for data transformation and enrichment
  5. Support your development team to ensure proficiency in EKG architecture


Expedite the time-to-value for your Enterprise Knowledge Graph

The Accelerate Service provides you with ways to expedite the time-to-value for your enterprise knowledge graph. We augment your existing teams to directly steer all aspects of the EKG transformation process. Use this service as a direct route to the production of intermediate deliverables and keep the EKG initiative on deadline and within budget.

Approach maintains a growing network of ontologists, technical experts, data architects, business analysts and project management specialists. Our professionals help manage peak demand. We can help you recruit, onboard and mentor staff to establish a self-sufficient Center of Excellence. Many clients use this service to fast-track the delivery of knowledge graph functionality and build additional use cases.


  1. Delivery of an operational knowledge graph and integration services
  2. Project accountability and expert management of the EKG initiative
  3. Management of data transformation for both inbound and outbound data
  4. Design of lifecycle management, operational processes and policies



Ensure a resilient and secure Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform

Operating a production-level and distributed EKG requires new operating models and enhanced capability. will support your operational teams to ensure the highest levels of quality, resilience and security for your enterprise knowledge graph. We make sure your teams are able to provide continual service levels to support your mission-critical use cases. 


We work in collaboration with your Production Department and your Center of Excellence to establish new operating models and practices needed for distributed EKG deployment. We are available for either on-demand or continuous support arrangements as your platform matures.


  1. EKG platform that complies with agreed levels of service and support
  2. Disaster recovery and business continuity testing for the EKG
  3. Operational Processes for fast and effective issue resolution

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