Services for every stage of your journey.’s service line-up is designed to deliver immediate results, while also growing long-term value. We focus on building and supporting your own team, so that Enterprise Knowledge Graph capabilities become truly embedded in your organisation.


We will work with you to develop your enterprise data strategy and guide you into the transformative capabilities of the enterprise knowledge graph (EKG). We are experts in aligning business value with semantic technology.

Discover architects and business analysts will help define the specific use cases appropriate for your knowledge graph journey. We are experienced in identifying opportunities for incremental deliverables and sequencing them in line with your organization’s strategic priorities.


Our goal is to strengthen your team and build core competencies that can be leveraged as standard practice for implementing an EKG. We offer cross-industry guidance, customized training and hands-on support from our field-tested experts. We focus on ways to help you achieve self-sufficiency in building and capitalizing on your EKG.


The experts at have created an EKG maturity model that you can use to evaluate your existing capabilities and prioritize key requirements. The EKG/MM is used to verify your linked data strategy, define key dependencies and quantify actions needed for successful EKG deployment.


Use the expert consulting services of to augment temporary skill gaps. We expedite the delivery of foundational capabilities to support the incremental (use case by use case) roll out of the EKG.


Work with the performance and QA teams at to monitor and fine tune your EKG environment as it scales to full production. We help you deliver against SLAs and build the confidence of key stakeholders for the EKG program. UK Ltd. 

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