About Knowledge Graph technology

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At agnos.ai, we believe we are on the cusp of a transformative change – as wide-ranging and empowering for data as the World Wide Web was for text.

At the heart of this change is the Knowledge Graph, a simple yet radical technology designed for the complexity of the information age.  Built on mature open standards – including RDF, OWL and SHACL – Knowledge Graphs are flexible, future-proof, and resilient. They can seamlessly handle diverse data sources, manage conflicts between original data items, and empower users to select the data most relevant to their current business need.  And because they’re architected for re-use, Knowledge Graphs adapt to evolving use cases – even to ones which aren’t yet known.

Just like the Web, Knowledge Graphs promote sharing and discovery.  They break open silos, revealing the full wealth of enterprise data and enabling unexpected new insights to emerge.  They shift the focus from individual applications to the data itself, re-centering the conversation around the hidden value yet to be uncovered.  And most importantly of all, Knowledge Graphs allow automated processing – not just of data but of the data’s semantic meaning, opening the way for the next generation of AIs.

The technology has proved itself in specific applications – at companies including Google and Thomson Reuters – and Gartner identified Knowledge Graphs as one of its top emerging technology trends for 2018.  Many forward-thinking organizations are already trialling small-scale solutions to address particular business needs. The time is right to expand our vision beyond these islands of best practice, and recognise the Knowledge Graph as a universal pattern with genuinely transformative power.

Our mission at agnos.ai is to realise this potential at enterprise scale.  We will build powerful, flexible tool-sets, which allow organizations large and small to unlock their existing data silos and link them into an Enterprise Knowledge Graph.  We will develop an intuitive UI, which navigates this data as quickly and intuitively as a web browser traverses the Internet. And we will offer world-leading consultancy services, to help reveal the true value of the data you already hold.

We’re just starting on this journey, but we hope you’re inspired to join us. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing more of our insight and expertise here on this website.  If you’d like to keep in touch and receive white papers, sign up for our low-volume, high-content mailing list using the form below.