Everybody's talking about Knowledge Graphs.

Inspired by the thinking that powers the World Wide Web, this transformative technology places data at the heart of your operational infrastructure. With a Knowledge Graph, maximising value stops being a clich̩ Рand becomes an achievable reality.

When you work with agnos.ai, we take the fundamentals of any Knowledge Graph…

Breaking Silos

Linking data from a wide range of sources - relational, columnar, NoSQL, text - opening it up to the enterprise, without the need to move it.

Finding Connections

Discovering and forming links across silos - seamlessly integrating diverse sources, uncovering hidden connections and knowledge.

Gaining Insights

Realising the full value of enterprise data - eliminating costly manual data wrangling, freeing data scientists to focus on adding value.

…and add our proven practical expertise, to build an architecture that delivers success.

Precise Identification

Giving every datapoint an unbreakable identity - which remains precise and unambiguous, even as data is filtered or transformed.

Shared Meaning

Representing meaning alongside the data itself - agnostic to original schema, unifying content across repositories and domains.

Multiple Perspectives

Capturing all source data, even when there are conflicts - offering a transparent view of provenance, decisioning and quality.

Reusable Components

Maximising reuse by breaking datasets into fine-grained components - with precise meaning, context, identification and provenance.

Trusted Data

Building quality metrics into every datapoint and every process - with traceable lineage and provenance across the entire dataset.

Granular Security

Fine-grained access control applied at each datapoint - backed by a single service offering reliable enterprise-grade security and auditing.

With an Enterprise Knowledge Graph, you can finally solve the most difficult use cases.

These are just a few examples:

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Client 360: Achieve a holistic view of your relationship with each client, linking transactions, leads, contacts and public data.


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Anti Money-Laundering: Monitor transactions for suspicious activity, even across multiple legal entities or separate jurisdictions.


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Entitlement management: Reconfigure access control as people move roles, with no costly manual processing required.


And, you can get ready to leverage the latest in AI and ML progress..

Discover how we can help achieve your vision.